Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin – Part 2

Here’s the second part of the shoot…. reminds me of past times.

Leica M9M; Leica M9-P; Summilux 50; Summicron 35; Elmar 21; VSCO

Auntie Londa….

Auntie Londa and Super Allen came visiting….. (more of him some other time)

Leica M9; Summicron 90; VSCO

Auntie Londa20171024-L1100637

Weißsee Austria

A week in Austria – lovely place!

Leica M9; Summilux 50; Summicron 35; VSCO

Week 37 – The Carrolls

…or happy families!

Leica M2

Elmar f=5cm 1:2.8

Kodak T-Max 400

Jan Alexander Ernst20150612-2015-06-12-0005

Jan Alexander Ernst20150611-2015-06-11-0013

Jan Alexander Ernst20150612-2015-06-12-0011

Intermezzo – Father’s Day…

….or “There she was just a walk’in down the street, sing’in dowah diddy, diddy dum diddy do!”

Fujifilm X-Pro1

Fujinon 35mm f1.4

Lightroom & VSCO

Intermezzo - Father's DayDSCF40012015

Week 29 – Ol’ Blue Eyes….

There’s plenty of Beverly Hills 90210 in the man yet…..

Fujifilm X-T1

Fujinon 56mm f1.2

Lightroom & VSCO

_DSF4109Week 29 -Daniel2015

Week 1 – Bitterly Cold

I can honestly say that I know of no place on earth, where the wind blows straight through you as it does in that dirty miserable megalopolis that is Berlin in winter. I still love it though.

EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image

I managed to meet-up with an old friend while he was visiting. We hadn’t seen each other since we last met while I was studying and he was serving in the same town in 1990. Time flies and neither of us have change one little bit! 😉

EPSON scanner image

I’m back for another 53 and I’d be very happy if you would accompany me for the duration!

Rollei 35 S
Rollei HFT Sonnar 2.8 / 40mm
Kodak Portra 400
Epson Perfection V500

Week 50 – Old Friends……

EPSON scanner image

Perhaps a little less of the old……

I get the niggling feeling people are getting a bit sick of me sticking a camera in their faces. Never mind I’ve not quite finished yet!

Taken with the Canon EOS 30v and Canon 50mm 1.4 combination on my favourite Fuji PRO 400H film.

Week 30 – Royal Enfield in the Royal City of Potsdam

My mate’s just got a new bike……

Week 29 – An evening stroll ….

I thought I might have a competition this week. I was, as always searching for a bit of inspiration for this week’s picture, when “former” friends of mine took it upon themselves to “inspire” me with their interpretation of a duet or in this case a double duet. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them profusely for their wonderful effort. Votes on a postcard to ….. etc.