Portugal Part 1….

Casting back to the summer holidays of 2019. These were taken on two trips to Porto and to Afife including the surrounding area (even with a day trip to Spain thrown in as well) . Well worth a visit if I may say so…..

Leica M9; M9M; Summicron 35; Summilux 50; Elmar 21; VSCO

And then there was Toulouse…

….the last trip of the year in fact.

Fujifilm X100; Fujinon 23mm f2; Lightroom and VSCO

53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf21012016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20972016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20922016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20842016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20832016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20672016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20442016 53weeks-org-toulouse_dsf20862016

Week Three – A little ditty about…..

 Jack and Diane… Randy and Evi….

A Brandenburger winter at its best….

Konica Hexer AF; 35mm f2; Kodak T-Max 400

Week 3 - Schoenfeld 20160114-5

Week 3 - Schoenfeld 20160114-3 Week 3 - Schoenfeld 20160114-4 Week 3 - Schoenfeld 20160114

Week 3 - Schoenfeld 20160114-2

Week 47 – Winter Wanderings…..

There’s no snow, it’s warm, windy and wet. It’s like being back in England at Christmas.

Canon 5D
Canon 24-105  f4
Aperture and NIK
Week 47 - Winter Wanderings I
 Week 47 - Winter Wanderings II Week 47 - Winter Wanderings III Week 47 - Winter Wanderings IV

Week 40 – Kontrollpunkt Dreilinden–Drewitz (Checkpoint Bravo East)….

….or what’s left of it. There is a museum here now to try to document the pain and the anguish as well as the hope, it lies in the middle of an industrial estate.

Canon 5D
Lensbaby with Sweet 35 (1,3) and Fisheye (2,4)
Aperture and NIK

Week 40 - Dreilinden IWeek 40 - Dreilinden II Week 40 - Dreilinden III Week 40 - Dreilinden IV

Week 27 – The summer of 13′

I have to admit that I took these a few weeks ago, but as I’ve only just got them back from the lab. I think it’s okay to publish them now, especially as summer is still in full swing here. They were both taken on Fuji Provia 100f slide film, I’ve cropped and sharpened a little but nothing else. I’ve also compressed them to half their size, so you can get an idea of the detail. Shooting slide film is costly and time-consuming and you never really know what you’re going to get, but if the shots come out right then they really are an eye catcher!

Yashica MAT 124G
Yashinon f3.5 80mm
Fuji Provia 100F
Epson V500

Week 27 - The Summer of 13' IWeek 27 - The Summer of 13' II

Week 24 – The calm before the storm …..

….. which caused a special kind of light, so I grabbed my 50mm and my Lensbaby with the Sweet 35 and shot these two.

Canon 5d
Canon 50mm f1.4 and Lensbaby with the Sweet 35
Aperture and NIK

Week 24 - The Storm IWeek 24 - The Storm II

Week 17 – Rain and Eis

It’s never too cold or too wet for ice cream…..

Fujifilm X100
Fujinon f2 23mm
Aperture and NIK

Week 17 - IIIWeek 17 - Week 17 - IVWeek 17 -II

Week 41 – Werderscher Damm

Just before the heavy frost arrived, I’ll be back when the snow appears…..

Week 37 – Autumn

Two deck chairs on the lawn …. pushing it a little I know, but nonetheless ……..

Week 1 Dallgow Döberitzer Heide

“It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. You need less imagination to be a painter, because you can invent things. But in photography everything is so ordinary; it takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the extraordinary.” – David Bailey – In “Face,” (London), Dec 1984.

It is with this in mind that we set off on our 53 week photographic journey. There are few things more ordinary than a bank, so in the hope that not all the images presented are just ordinary, let’s get started.

It was one of the those wonderful Winter afternoons that you get when the easterly winds blow across the North German plains making the air dry, crisp and very cold. We were out with the kids to see how the wild bison, horses and reindeer fared in the conditions. As the winter sun started to set I came across this makeshift bench.

It was my first bank of the year.