Week Four – Life for Rent….


Leica M9; Summicron 35; Lightroom


Week four - Life for rent

Week 46 – Not to be misunderstood….

I went out to Berlin with some colleagues to take some photos. I was pretty happy with the results, it wasn’t until my wife asked me whether everything was okay that the symbolism actually dawned on me. I can assure you everything is fine…..

Canon 5D
1;2;4 – Canon 24-105 f4
3 – Lensbaby with Fisheye Optic
Aperture and NIK

Week 46 - Alexander Platz IWeek 46 - Alexander Platz III Week 46 - Alexander Platz IVand finally the building site on Alexanderplatz

Week 46 - Alexander Platz II

Week 41 – Uhlandstrasse

I picked up my Yashica from the a CLA and had a little time to kill in the city, so I stopped by a photo shop to buy a roll of film. It was really dark, the Yashinon is not a very fast lens (f3.5) and with only having a HP5+ film @ ISO 400 I figured there was not much chance of getting any keepers. I shot the film at 1/15 (hand-held) and pushed the film during development to ISO 800 and look what came out! (even if they are a little blurred)

Yashica MAT 124G
Yashinon f3.5 80mm
Ilford HP5+
Rodinal (Pushed to ISO 800)
Epson V500

Week 41 - Ulandstrasse IWeek 41 - Ulandstrasse IIWeek 41 - Ulandstrasse III

Week 44 – The Faces I see….

…. and the sounds I hear! Seriously though, it is a little spooky especially when you see the light streams. Just one car drove past while I was taking the shot (the main two horizontal stripes at the bottom of the picture) and there was no one else around, so I’ve absolutely no idea where the others came from.

Bit of a weak week this week, sorry!