Week 40 – Forever Young….

Summer in Ahrenshoop….

Week 40 - Forever Young

Week 41 – Uhlandstrasse

I picked up my Yashica from the a CLA and had a little time to kill in the city, so I stopped by a photo shop to buy a roll of film. It was really dark, the Yashinon is not a very fast lens (f3.5) and with only having a HP5+ film @ ISO 400 I figured there was not much chance of getting any keepers. I shot the film at 1/15 (hand-held) and pushed the film during development to ISO 800 and look what came out! (even if they are a little blurred)

Yashica MAT 124G
Yashinon f3.5 80mm
Ilford HP5+
Rodinal (Pushed to ISO 800)
Epson V500

Week 41 - Ulandstrasse IWeek 41 - Ulandstrasse IIWeek 41 - Ulandstrasse III

Week 24 – The Sidecar (BMW R 75)

You don’t see many of these on the roads today…..

I was a little hasty on the trigger and published this week’s post before I had actually written anything. This BMW R 75 was built in 1941 and most probably served the Luftwaffe during this period. It is a rarity but the lucky owner recently managed to purchase the previous model as well. It’s a very large bike but incredibly quiet.

Good luck with the collection!

P.S. So this week’s lesson is never confuse “Save” and “publish” on WordPress ……

Week 44 – The Man in Black

Meet Steve!

He’s usually clad in his black bike leathers, but with his baby tucked up for the winter it looks like he’s on foot.

f/5.6 1/2500 ISO 400 @30mm

The Man in Black

Week 19 – The Schleizer Triangle

Schleiz’s claim to fame is one of the oldest “natural” race tracks in Germany.

The first ever race took place on the 10th of June 1923, with the aim being to race as far as possible and as quickly as possible on five litres of fuel. The winner of the car race was Mr. Huldreich Heu├čer with a total distance of 87.3 km and an average of 41.4 km/h (which quite incidentally is similar to what I get out of my Dutch “sit up and beg” style bicycle when going downhill fully laden). Mr. Horst Raebel on his motorcycle managed six laps with an average speed of 64.2 km/h (which is something to aim for on that bicycle).

I’ve really no idea who won this particular race, but today the top speeds average 160 km/h per lap……I think I’ll get my coat!

f10 1/250 ISO 200 @35mm Pol. Filter

Schleizer Dreieck