North Laine…

The second feature on Brighton….

Leica M2 & M6; Summilux 50 & Summicron 35; Kodak Portra & T-Max


Brighton Beach…..

Taken on our summer hols….

Leica M2 & M6; Kodak Portra 160, 400 & T-MAX 400

The end of Summer….

Apparently when the combine harvesters arrive, the summer comes to an end…..

Leica M9; Summicron 90mm; VSCO

The End of Summer

The Dam….

Here are a few older ones….

Olympus mju II; Kodak Ektar 100

Happy Birthday Hanna…


I hope you have a great one! These were taken on a business trip to Singapore in February……

Leica M6; Summilux 50mm; Elmar 21mm; CineStil 800 & Kodak Portra 400

Singapore Part One….

My son said “I dare you to take just film to Singapore” so I did. Here are the results…..

Leica M6; Summilux 50mm / Elmar 21mm / Summicron 35mm; CineStil / Portra 800; Reflecta ProScan 7200


’twas the night before Christmas Eve….

….so I thought I’d post this….

Leica M9; Summilux 50

Words fail me....20171116-L1100818

The Emirates20171116-L1100821

Cool Dude…..

One from the Dubai series……

Leica M9; Summilux 50; VSCO

Cool Dude20171116-L1100810


Auntie Londa….

Auntie Londa and Super Allen came visiting….. (more of him some other time)

Leica M9; Summicron 90; VSCO

Auntie Londa20171024-L1100637

Knickers to you…..

or a visit to the Hackischen Höfe (Berlin) with a rather surreal analogue film.

Be sure to scroll through all the pictures. Strange sights, strange film, I particularly like the camel with a camera…..

Leica M6; Summicron 35mm; ADOX Color Implosion


Week 21 – The Simple Life

It has been a bit of a stressful week, what with one thing and another. So here is something simple and seasonal. It’s my favourite time of year in rural Brandenburg.

Have a good summer!

Week 18 – Simply Mitte

The middle of Berlin, nothing more and nothing less……

Week 12 – …. well spotted big man!

This blog writing thing seems to be contagious. Last year the whole family took great pleasure in finding obscure benches (or banks) and this years subject is proving to be a similar challenge.

So this week’s entry is dedicated to the “big man” for his excellent suggestion.

Happy Easter!

Week 11 – Good breeding…. or how I miss good manners!

I don’t think I’ve had a rant on my blog for a long while, so here goes.

I managed to get some quality time with the camera at the weekend and was just on the way home when I came across this path. The sky was vivid, the sun was shining,  the trees bare and the path led up to the horizon, a perfect mixture for a shot with a polarising filter. I had just parked the car when I noticed a couple behind, walking up the path towards me. I figured I had about a minute to take the shot. It took me a little longer…. now if this had been England, the couple would have stopped and waited for me to finish the shot, but it isn’t, so they didn’t, indeed they even let the dog off the lead quickly so as to ruin the shot. This is after all Germany and it is their good right to go forth at their own given speed regardless of the consequences for anybody else. It’s certainly not against the law!

The good point, as punishment they make this weeks “perfect duet” immortalised for their rudeness forever in cyberspace. Now that’s what I call revenge! 😉