Week 40 – Kontrollpunkt Dreilinden–Drewitz (Checkpoint Bravo East)….

….or what’s left of it. There is a museum here now to try to document the pain and the anguish as well as the hope, it lies in the middle of an industrial estate.

Canon 5D
Lensbaby with Sweet 35 (1,3) and Fisheye (2,4)
Aperture and NIK

Week 40 - Dreilinden IWeek 40 - Dreilinden II Week 40 - Dreilinden III Week 40 - Dreilinden IV

Week 42 – The Berlinische Gallery

I sneaked some time to myself and went to the Berlinische Gallery to see “THE SHUTTERED SOCIETY” – ART PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE GDR 1949-1989

If you happen to be in Berlin until the end of January it’s well worth a visit:


P.S. It’s cheating I know, but I think it looks good anyway! 😉

Week 21 – Back to basics…..

This was taken early in the morning whilst on my way to work on that “sit up and beg” style Dutch bike of mine that I have mentioned previously. The view is from the Havelstrasse across to the Hans Otto theatre in Potsdam.

I’ve finally gone full frame, albeit analogue. This was shot with a Pentacon 50mm f1.8 (effectively a Meyer Oreston 50mm f1.8) lens on a Praktica MTL3 camera which were last produced around 1984. The MTL3 is completely manual with the only electronics being an inbuilt TTL light meter. It is pure East German precision engineering even if the technology used is over five decades old.

I’m really enjoying shooting film at the moment so be prepared for more in the coming weeks. This shot is OOC as they say, meaning straight out of the camera with no digital development whatsoever.

If I remember rightly:

f11 1/500 Ilford HP5 (ISO 400) @50mm

Hans Otto Theatre (Analogue)