The Summer of Love

This was taken in August last year when things were just a little easier….. The good times will return, promise!

Leica M9M; Summilux 50;

Brighton Beach…..

Taken on our summer hols….

Leica M2 & M6; Kodak Portra 160, 400 & T-MAX 400

Auntie Londa….

Auntie Londa and Super Allen came visiting….. (more of him some other time)

Leica M9; Summicron 90; VSCO

Auntie Londa20171024-L1100637

It’s been a while….

….since I last posted anything. To be honest I’ve been searching (as ever) for a little inspiration for a new project lasting 53 weeks and I can’t seem to settle on that “one” subject. It’s not for the lack of ideas it’s just that that simply I don’t want to confine myself to one type of motive or one medium or one of whatever…..

Therefore the next few posts will be of things that I’ve been shooting over the past three months. While you read these I’ll be racking my brains for that new “one” subject…..

This is late autumn in Sanssouci….

Rolleiflex 3.5F; Carl Zeiss Oberkochen Planar f3.5 75mm; Kodak Portra 400


53weeks-org-sanssouci2016-12-04-00632016 53weeks-org-sanssouci2016-12-03-00652016 53weeks-org-sanssouci2016-12-03-00572016 53weeks-org-sanssouci2016-12-03-00632016 53weeks-org-sanssouci2016-12-04-00622016 53weeks-org-sanssouci2016-12-03-00622016

Week 40 – Forever Young….

Summer in Ahrenshoop….

Week 40 - Forever Young

Intermezzo – Father’s Day…

….or “There she was just a walk’in down the street, sing’in dowah diddy, diddy dum diddy do!”

Fujifilm X-Pro1

Fujinon 35mm f1.4

Lightroom & VSCO

Intermezzo - Father's DayDSCF40012015

Week 17 – Rain and Eis

It’s never too cold or too wet for ice cream…..

Fujifilm X100
Fujinon f2 23mm
Aperture and NIK

Week 17 - IIIWeek 17 - Week 17 - IVWeek 17 -II

Week 8 – Beware the Ides of March …..

no real change here folks…… yet!

(and as I will be taking next week’s entry this week don’t hold your breath, because we’ve had lots more snow!)

Zenza Bronica ETRS
Zenzanon f1:2.8 75mm
Fuji PRO 400H
Epson Perfection V500
Week 8 - The Ides of March IWeek 8 - The Ides of March II Week 8 - The Ides of March III Week 8 - The Ides of March IV

Week 38 – Can we have a go?

I saw these two while I was with my little people at the fairground and couldn’t resist the shot …….

Week 3 – Lytham and St-Anne’s-on-Sea

This was taken whilst we were still in England during a very enjoyable day trip to Lytham St Anne’s. We especially appreciated the excellent fish and chips and the chance to play football on the beach, two things that are a rarity for a family living in continental Europe.