…and then it was all over….

But here’s something to chase away those post-Christmas blues…..

Leica M9; Summilux 50; VSCO

’twas the night before Christmas Eve….

….so I thought I’d post this….

Leica M9; Summilux 50

Words fail me....20171116-L1100818

The Emirates20171116-L1100821

Frau B aus O…..

I hope you like it….!

Leica m9; Summilux 50; VSCO

Dear Frau Becker20171116-L1100794

Cool Dude…..

One from the Dubai series……

Leica M9; Summilux 50; VSCO

Cool Dude20171116-L1100810


Emirates Girls….

After a rather difficult period I’m rekindling my love of photography. Returning to visit Dubai has undoubtedly helped, offering me a host of different motifs that I just couldn’t resist. Watch this space for more from this place and elsewhere….

Leica M9; Summilux 50; Lightroom; VSCO

Week 50 – Maria…


L1053319Week 50 - Maria... again

Week 48 – Maitha….

L1053395Week 48 - Maitha

Week 46 – Dubai: feel cool, feel confident

I nearly called this one circle, cylinder or circular.

The trip to the UAE bridged the weekend so I managed to get two blogs entries out of it.

f/10 1/125 ISO 200 @17mm

Dubai: feel cool, feel confident

Week 45 – Which Emirate?

There are two images this week, the first one taken in the Emirate of Sharjah and the second taken in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

I wondered while I was pressing the shutter release whether or not this guy’s five minutes of peace and quiet were about to end with the arrival of his wife and kids.

f/2.8 1/6 ISO 1250 @25mm


There have been a number of occasions over the past year where I have been close to capturing somebody carrying a bench without actually getting the shot. I did get there in the end, even if I had to go all the way to Abu Dhabi to get it.

f/10 1/500 ISO 400 @17mm

Abu Dhabi