Knickers to you…..

or a visit to the Hackischen Höfe (Berlin) with a rather surreal analogue film.

Be sure to scroll through all the pictures. Strange sights, strange film, I particularly like the camel with a camera…..

Leica M6; Summicron 35mm; ADOX Color Implosion


Week 51 – Daniel…

Week 51 - Daniel20151215-L1053492

Week 25 – The Sudanese Lady….

who gave me coffee….

This old camera and lens combination never ceases to amaze me….

Leica M2

Elmar f=5cm 1:2.8

Kodak BW400CN

img724 Week - 25 Sudanese Lady

Week 37 – Autumn

Two deck chairs on the lawn …. pushing it a little I know, but nonetheless ……..