Week 41 – Uhlandstrasse

I picked up my Yashica from the a CLA and had a little time to kill in the city, so I stopped by a photo shop to buy a roll of film. It was really dark, the Yashinon is not a very fast lens (f3.5) and with only having a HP5+ film @ ISO 400 I figured there was not much chance of getting any keepers. I shot the film at 1/15 (hand-held) and pushed the film during development to ISO 800 and look what came out! (even if they are a little blurred)

Yashica MAT 124G
Yashinon f3.5 80mm
Ilford HP5+
Rodinal (Pushed to ISO 800)
Epson V500

Week 41 - Ulandstrasse IWeek 41 - Ulandstrasse IIWeek 41 - Ulandstrasse III

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