Week 36 – Indian Summer or Altweibersommer

As autumn rapidly approaches, every warm sunny day is welcome.

This was shot from the Nikolaikirche overlooking the old Town Hall to the high-rise blocks of flats in the distant Babelsberg Zentrum Ost.

Edit: Thanks Pete for correcting me! I always thought the other areas were sub-suburbs of Babelsberg.

f/16 1/40 ISO 200 @ 30mm

The Nikolaikirche (Potsdam)

4 thoughts on “Week 36 – Indian Summer or Altweibersommer

  1. Babelsberg folk would have your guts for garters. The high-rise blocks are in Zentrum-Ost. Babelsbergers doesn’t do high-rise, they do trees, lakes (where paths are available), Kaffee togos and Jack Wolfskin.

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